27 February 2023

I've gone through many iterations of my blog and main website over the years, and the end result of all those changes has been consistent throughout: they've gotten simpler and simpler. I just love simplicity, and most of my personal websites reflect that.

The idiom really puts it well: the less said, the better. I don't like bulky layouts full of useless data or flamboyant animations. Sure, it's nice to show off, but I believe the information should be clear at first glance.

Blog redesign

Every now and then I get an urge to redesign my website(s). Sometimes it's a new design fad, sometimes I feel like the website is outdated.

This time it's based heavily off of Paco Coursey's website. I felt like the previous iteration was just way too crowded. This time, it's beautiful, it gets the point across and it's simple. It's one of those site layouts that I really have a soft spot for. It reminds me of Notion a bit.

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